According to some posts over at WoP forum, Spits vs 109 server has crashed a few too many times running UP3.0 RC 3. Therefor on the 30th of July both WoP-servers were updated to the new patch hot-fix UP 3.0 RC4.

UP 3.0 RC 4 can be download here.
PLEASE read instructions carefully.
It is Strongly Recommended that you install this upgrade to your UP 3.0RC/RC2/RC3 installation.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Disable any activated addons with JSGME before you install the RC pack and then apply them again.

I can not tell when other UP3servers willl be updated (such as Kampverband and Battle of Britain Servers) but I guess they will be updated soon.
EDIT: Battle of Britain is now RC4 while Kampverband is still RC3
EDIT2: Kampverband13 also updated to RC4 (6/8 2011)